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There’s something about yoga that has just swept the west like a storm for the past decade or more. No matter how many people sign up for classes, try it at home, and purchase the clothing, more and more people keep trying out yoga. This is especially true for women, and that’s why so many types of clothing are targeted to women. Though you should know that the world of yoga extends far past those pants that so many love. There’s a big, wide range of yoga clothing that’s comfortable and stylish, and Shopping Blitz can help you find it.

Fila’s Lux Yoga Pullover is truly the epitome of comfort and style in the yoga genre. Made out of a blended polyester fleece that’s as soft as satin to the touch, while also being thick and durable, this pullover is ideal for women who are more modest with their yoga attire. Not all clothing needs to be painted on, and this pullover simply drapes over the body and caresses it, giving you a great look and a comfortable feel. The garment itself is very sleek and feminine, and features a drawcord for a custom fit, a two-piece hood, pockets, and more. It works great as an everyday sweater too, so you can wear it anywhere.

Shopping Blitz gives you three color schemes from which you can choose with this yoga pullover from Fila. You have a black, heather and varsity heather blend; a varsity heather and white blend; and a ballet pink heather and varsity heather blend. In terms of sizing, Fila has most women covered well here, offering this pullover in sizes from extra small through extra large. Keep in mind that this is a baggy piece.

One thing to keep in mind while shopping on Shopping Blitz is that these items are already discounted. For instance, if you search this item on a lot of other sites, you’re likely to find it for around $70. On Shopping Blitz, you get to save more money by only having to pay $51.95 for this impressive pullover.

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