The Hiking Trails Await You

For millions of people all across the country, one of the best parts about the fall season is that it’s the ideal time of year to go hiking. Throughout most of the Midwestern-to-Eastern and northern United States, the leaves on the trees change to a plethora of colors including amber, gold, brown, and many shades of red. This is something that’s gorgeous to see and many feel has to be experienced in person, so they go hiking up random mountain trails. Even on the other side of the nation, even if they aren’t witnessing the changing leaves, many love to hike because of the ideal weather. So if you’re going out this season, don’t forget to stop by Shopping Blitz for your hiking apparel.

Dakine has a pretty great backpack out for hikers and campers today, the Sync Photo 15L Backpack. Of course, judging by its name, you probably ascertained already that this is a backpack that was specifically designed to carry around some camera equipment. The idea here was to create quick-access pockets for your camera, so that you could instantly get it out and snap a shot of that rare bird, a black bear, or whatever else you happen to run across in the wilderness. However, since it’s a Dakine product, you can rest assured of the all-around quality. It’s made out of a heavy-duty polyester that’s incredibly light, with amply padded shoulder straps for comfort.

The 15L in the name means it has a 15-liter capacity, which is pretty large for a backpack. In other words, you could also use this for camping equipment and shove a tent or sleeping bags in here. It really is roomy. And since it was made to keep a camera safe, you won’t have to worry about rips and tears in this bag. It’s a unisex item, although marketed to men, and it’s one size fits all.

Dakine is a top-shelf brand, but even still this is an affordable item at Shopping Blitz. You can pick it up for only $129.95, and this price tag also includes free shipping. So not only do you get a discounted rate, but won’t have to pay anything else for shipping.

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