The Perfect Fall Shoes

This is definitely the time of year when men from all around the nation start looking at tougher, warmer footwear that can hold up to a lot of walking. This is because millions of guys out there enjoy hiking around in the fall to check out the changing leaves. It’s also the time of year that many guys decide to put up their tennis shoes because the colder, messier weather is on its way. So if you’re in the market for a tougher, stronger pair of shoes that can hold up better to hiking around and colder weather, Shopping Blitz definitely has quite a few options you may want to check out.

The 8053 5 Eye Oxfords are a great pair of shoes that act more like a hybrid. These are Dr. Martens items, which is a brand famous for its boots, so they definitely serve like a boot in many respects. They’re made out of full-grain leather, they’re tough and durable, the soles of the shoes are incredibly strong. Overall, this is footwear that fits you like a shoe but performs just like a boot. It’s very strong and also stylish, giving you a great 5-eye lace-up profile. You also have a full leather lining in these boots, and the traditional sewing of Dr. Martens for an aesthetic pop and improved strength.

In a gaucho color that’s like a deep, rich chocolate, these hybrid Dr. Martens can easily hold up to any sort of hiking or walking you need, while being so attractive that you can also wear them out in any semi-formal setting for dressing up. Available in sizes from 6 to 15 men’s, they’re also going to fit most men’s feet.

$124.95 is what you’ll pay for these shoes on Shopping Blitz, and that’s actually a steal compared to other sites selling them. Best of all, you’re going to get free shipping here so you won’t have to pay another single penny. These benefits help to save you money on the best merchandise.

Brian Hendrix

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