The Perfect Pajamas for Him

If you’re a man in today’s clothing market, you might notice that every time that lounge, night-wear shows up in an add, those comfortable PJs and a variety of sleepwear, it’s always targeted directly to women. They’re obviously the largest market here, and thus rarely, if ever, are pajamas and other comfortable similar items targeted toward men. Unfortunately, this leaves many men believing that brands don’t even make those sorts of items for men, since they never see them advertised. Shopping Blitz wants you to know that, yes, brands do indeed make those sorts of items for you, and they’re actually pretty easy to find.

The Sleepy Red Plaid Classic Sleep Pants by Life is Good is a very popular pair of pajama pants that you can find on Shopping Blitz, and you would never have to search around a lot for them. They’re right out in the open. Life is Good is a great brand for creating comfortable clothing, and these PJ pants are made out of a cotton twill that’s as smooth as silk while being very warm. The garment’s fabric was brushed for extra softness, and these pants were made to keep you warm and comfortable while sleeping during those chilly winter nights. Though the material is still plenty thick and durable enough for you to wear around the home on those lazy weekends.

The Americana Red plaid color is a variety of different shades of red, checkered together on the pants with a variety of grays and even some black and white. It’s like the classic flannel/plaid pattern that you know, only with a broader range of better colors. The pants are also available in sizes from small through 2 XL, so they’ll fit a big range of guys.

Rarely will men be able to find PJs so easily, and even rarer are PJs that are actually made with such quality craftsmanship. Even still, you will only be paying $37.95, and this price even includes free shipping to top it off.

Brian Hendrix

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