The Perfect Summer Shirt

One thing many men have in common while at the beach, swimming or surfing, is that many like to keep their shirt on. This is for two reasons. One, it offers a lot of protection against the sun. Secondly, it offers more protection against skin damage when wiping out on a board. So if you’re looking for the perfect summer shit in which you can swim or surf the oceans, you might want to stop by at Shopping Blitz to see what they have in store. You can take your pick of the litter among dozens of great options.

One of the best surfing/swimming shirts available is the Dakine Roots Loose Fit Short Sleeve Rashguard. This shirt is built incredibly well out of polyester, elastane and nylon, so it can easily hold up to whatever you’re planning to throw at it. It comes in a very attractive heather olive color and is available in sizes from small up to 2 XL. A great feature of this shirt is that it offers you UPF50 protection, so the sun’s UV rays aren’t going to bleed through and damage your skin.

The shirt is able to keep its shape through all sorts of wear. The unique fabric was designed to get entirely wet yet still maintain its integrity. The fabric is quick drying, so a few minutes out of the water and the shirt is dry as a bone. And coming in at only just above six ounces, it’s also an incredibly light shirt that you may not even notice you’re wearing. Another big benefit here is that the shirt is attractive and cut like a basic t-shirt, so you can also wear it for a lot of other occasions, not just at the beach.

Many people already know and understand that Dakine is a top-shelf brand, and so their clothing items are typically costly. And at most online retailers, you’re going to pay a minimum of $60 for this shirt. However, when you choose to shop through Shopping Blitz, you will only have to pay $48.95 for this shirt, plus you get even more savings by having this item shipped free to your front door.

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