The Right Pants for the Weather

There probably isn’t a guy out there right now who doesn’t have a favorite pair of blue jeans that he wears around the year, for most occasions. The fact of the matter is that guys are pretty simple in their taste, and so they’re easy to please. Though this also means that most guys are missing out on some great items, like a pair of pants that are a lot more comfortable and versatile than those blue jeans. If you would like to find a pair of pants that offer you more than those jeans, then you might want to check out what Shopping Blitz is offering you. This site allows you to find a lot of great items for not a lot of money.

A great pair of pants that you might really appreciate is the Brion 36″ Inseam Pants made by prAna. These are pants that were developed to be high-performance. They were created with a stretchable Zion fabric. Not only does this fabric flex and stretch with the body, while still hanging loose and not fitting tightly, but the fabric also does great for blocking out the wind and repelling water. So these are the ideal pants for men during the fall and winter months of the year. Overall, they’re constructed like your basic pants, with a 5-pocket style, ribbed cuffs, and a button-front waist with belt loops. The difference comes in the fabric used to make the pants.

Black, Cargo Green, Charcoal, Coffee Bean, Equinox Blue and Dark Khaki are just a few of the many colors in which these pants are available on the site. Though just be aware that these are popular pants, and the color you want will not be available if you wait around too long. These pants fit most small to medium men, with sizes right now only running from around 30 to 40, so you won’t find them in big and tall sizes.

Everything about those favorite blue jeans has been improved upon with these Brion pants, and you can pick them up in a range of colors for only $78.95. Making the deal even sweeter is the fact that Shopping Blitz offers these pants to you with free shipping.

Brian Hendrix

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