Today’s Deal: The 6” Amphibian Boots by Wolverine

Hiking is a great way to stay active, to see some of this planet’s incredible scenery, and to just get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Though hiking can actually be painful and even quite dangerous unless you’re using the proper equipment. After all, you’re not going to traverse a rocky slope or a steeply graded mossy hillside wearing Chuck Taylors. You’re going to need a good hiking boot. This is where the Amphibian by Wolverine comes in.


To be clear, this isn’t the sort of boot that you want to wear out to impress the ladies on a hot date. This is the kind of boot you’re going to wear when you need comfort, stability, durability and ample traction during a hike. Brown and black with red accents, the Amphibian is certainly an attractive piece of footwear, however. The boot looks about as rugged as it performs, but in a fierce sort of way. The rise from heel through its upper is six inches, so there’s plenty of ankle support without having to extend up your calf. The lacing mechanism is also quite unique. Rather than lacing only in the front like a tennis shoe or runner, the Amphibian laces down through its upper, with gives you total foot and ankle support, not simply tying up to keep the boot on.

These are men’s boots for men who hike, to be sure, though they would also make great work boots for professions like landscapers. Despite how rugged they look and how durable they are, they’re actually rather lightweight and have a Gore-Tex outer shell, which means they’re breathable and also wick away that foot sweat. Along with a waterproof membrane and full-cushion footbed, having to trek through a creek won’t affect you at all.

Also understand that this boot is molded. What does that mean? It’s not a bunch of separate pieces that are stitched together like low-quality boots you can find elsewhere. Those sorts of boots are always one step away from the sole ripping apart or a piece of the tread coming loose. This is a molded boot, which means despite its aesthetic look, the sole and the upper are actually all one piece, so you’re not going to suffer any sort of catastrophic blowout, no matter the rigors through which you put the Amphibian.

Perhaps what’s best about the Wolverine Amphibian, other than probably being the boot that the Wolverine himself would actually wear, is the fact that it’s currently 20% off at Shopping Blitz. This is a limited time offer; so if you want a great deal on the best boot out there, be sure to act now.

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