Tough and Stylish Men’s Sneakers

As people get older and continue shopping, a lot will realize that there are very good products and brands that they were entirely unaware of, simply because they never saw them advertised. Take a quality pair of shoes for example. The television and billboards out there are flooded with brands like Nike, Reebok and Adidas, in terms of men’s footwear, but those are only three of the most advertised brands on the market. That handful of brands does not even begin to scratch the surface of all the fantastic brands you can find. If you want to find some great footwear that you haven’t discovered yet, you might want to stop in at Shopping Blitz. You’ll be surprised by the results.

The Xtratuf brand is right up there with the best-selling footwear brands on the planet in terms of quality and style and price, and the Spindrift Sneakers from Xtratuf are everything men need in a high-quality shoe that can really hold up to a lot of wear and tear while still keeping the feet comfortable. These are athletic shoes that feature an airmesh upper that’s flexible, durable and breathable. You also have light yet strong EVA material, and a Chevron outsole. Different air pockets in the sole give you a lot more comfort and overall support than most other shoes.

These shoes are currently available in stock in three different color combinations, like pontus: different blue colors with gray accents; yeti: white and gray; and typhon: various grays. The color you can get depends on what’s in stock, so act quickly. The shoe is also available in sizes from 7 to 14 in men’s, so men of practically any size should be able to fit into the shoes.

These shoes actually give you a lot in terms of quality and durability, and they’re currently available for $99.95 on Shopping Blitz. For an item from Xtratuf, this is a pretty sweet deal, and Shopping Blitz sweetens it even more by offering free shipping on your item.

Brian Hendrix

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