Visiting the Orchards in Style

Well, like it or not, the autumn is officially upon us! For many of you, that means that corn, those tomatoes and those carrots have already been pulled and plucked during the summer months. Though that in no way means it’s time to stop picking! One of the most exciting or even most romantic events for many people during the fall months is to visit an orchard and pick some apples while staring in awe at the gorgeous changing leaves and landscape. On such a trip, especially if it’s a romantic date for two, you definitely don’t have to dress up all utilitarian and look sluggish and bulky. Instead, you can shop for some great cold-weather clothing that will keep you warm on those chilly orchard days. Shopping Blitz has exactly what you need for a day like this.

If you’re a lady who needs something gorgeous to wear to the orchard, or for any other occasion where it might be a little chilly out, then the Winter Worn II Turtleneck by Columbia is a fantastic piece to check out. This is truly a very attractive article of clothing. You can grab it in a moonstone color and pattern, which looks amazing with off-white and gray stripes. Or you can choose the mirage pattern, which is a series of blue and gray stripes and designs. Either one looks incredible, and either would make a great addition to any fall wardrobe.


One of the best things about this particular sweater is the blended fabric used its design. With a makeup of 60% cotton, 30% nylon and 10% wool, you’re really getting the best of all worlds from Columbia here. For instance, this is a sweater that can be comfortably warn, machined washed without shrinking, while still heavy enough to block out that chilly wind.

For a sweater like this, from a brand like Columbia, the vast majority of sites you’ll find online will be charging you well over $70; and truth be told, that’s well worth it for a sweater like this from such a reputable brand. However, if you choose to go through Shopping Blitz to grab this item, then you’ll only be paying $48.95, which adds up to a huge savings.

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