Women’s All-Weather Pants

One of the best parts about shopping online is that you’re always going to be able to find a much broader selection of clothing than shopping at a regular brick and mortar store. There’s only so much merchandise a live store can carry; whereas an online site’s merchandise is virtually unlimited. So this allows women to find some types of pants that they’d never be able to find in a real store. Shopping Blitz carries an incredibly broad range of clothing and styles for women, so if you’re looking for some unique, comfortable pants, you will definitely find something that makes your day.

The Center Court Pants by Fila are the epitome of style, elegance and comfort. From the waist to the knee, these are like thick, comfortable yoga pants and fit the body’s form well. From the knee to the ankle, they’re actually opened up wider and give you a looser fit that looks and feels amazing. Made out of a blend of 95% poly fleece and 5% spandex, they’re flexible and durable while also hugging the body’s shape well. These are fitted pants that are very warm. They operate more like a sweat or pajama pant, with an elastic waist and drawcord. Though they fit you like a high-end pair of leggings that provide you with a thicker, more comfortable material that feels better.

Although these pants are only available in one color, twilight blue, they’re very aesthetically attractive and really pop. You have the solid blue color with some accent stripes going down the side of the legs, and the classic F-Box Fila logo stitched into the upper thigh. Since these are from Fila, they cover a wide range of body shapes and sizes, in sizes from small through extra large. They stretch out a great deal, so keep that in mind.

The price point of these pants is perhaps the best part about the item. On a lot of sites, you can expect to pay over $40 and end up having to fork over more money for shipping. On Shopping Blitz, they’re only $31.87, and you get these pants shipped directly to you for free.

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