The Woolever Quarter-Zip Jacket

It seems to be a universal law in life that one gets what one pays for, especially when speaking about cold-weather clothing. Case in point: If you run out to buy the cheapest jacket or pull-over you can find, you’re going to be highly disappointed. Not only will you still be cold, but the item will shrink and possibly even tear in the wash. That’s simply what you get with cheap clothing. However, that doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune for quality, and Shopping Blitz really drives this point home with their Stormy Kromy Woolover quarter-zip jacket currently available for over 40% off.


Anyone familiar with Stormy Kromer knows already that this is a top-shelf brand, producing only the finest in high-quality winter wear. Hats, bags, accessories, and all sorts of clothing for men and women; and every bit of it is put through rigorous quality control tests to ensure that it will last the long haul when purchased by customers. For this wool pull-over in particular, aptly named the “Woolover,” what you’re getting is a garment that’s actually a wool-blend, so it’s machine washable, while still giving you a heavy-duty sweater to wear during the coldest days.

To be sure, this is a big man’s item, available in size XL, but the thing about winter clothing is that you don’t necessarily need to be that size to wear such a large sweater. For instance, if you’re in a really cold location, like the northwest or even Alaska, one might imagine already wearing a sweatshirt or long-johns underneath this, so the extra size here is actually a bonus for people who really need to bundle up to stay warm.

Another big positive here is that the Woolover is incredibly stylish. The charcoal gray color is very attractive, and the zip-neck and high collar here almost give the sweater a dress-shirt-like appeal to it, so it can be worn for style as well as for function.

Many other locations will charge full price for this great item, which means you’re going to pay well in excess of a hundred dollars. But by choosing to go with Shopping Blitz, you’re saving a hefty 40% off this item’s ticket price, which means you’re going to pick this Stormy Kromer classic up for under a hundred bucks. That’s a price that simply can’t be beat.

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